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Thank you, POLYchromatic.

WEATHER REPORT: Cold and frosty with regular snow at the beginning of the month, but warming up unexpectedly quickly as the month goes on. Perhaps it's an early spring.

NPC NOTES: The NPCs of the City seem uneasy as the month goes on--especially as the Anonymous Movement begins work on their Door. They've been here a long time. Maybe they see something coming. Maybe they can sense the changes in the air.

The Anonymous Movement has announced that they are developing a Door, a means by which to send all those who wish to leave to the City back home.

Over the next few days, a pile of equipment--both scientific and mystical--with begin to assemble and take shape in Misery Square. It starts as a pile, but it soon takes on the shape a doorway, half like an electronic gateway and half like a stone dolmen.

There's quite a lot of work going on...

FEBRUARY 2 | The City Is a Total Zoo
Humans turn to animals. Animals and animanoids turn to humans! A species switch is afoot, but be careful, some citizens enjoy the hunt in any form.

FEBRUARY 4 | The City Is a Place for All Ages
The young become old and the old become young. Fast forward to adulthood or rewind to the glorious days of youth. This can be mental or physical or both mental and physical. Immortals or characters who are older/younger than they appear to be by some other strange circumstance may reflect their true ages.

FEBRUARY 6 | City Life for Families
Citizens wake up to find themselves conveniently placed within family units. Citizens are married to each other, children to other characters, in-laws to even more! Please note: units must be pre-arranged between players.

FEBRUARY 8 | Sex In the City
Males become females, females become males, and the intersexed become one or the other!

FEBRUARY 10 | Bitten by the Love Bug
Swarms of tiny pink and red beetles have invaded the City! They're small and resemble ladybugs--though they have tiny hearts on their backs instead of just plain round spots♥ And they're mostly harmless. Mostly.

If a lovebug bites your character--don't worry, it doesn't even hurt--your character will find himself or herself spontaneously (though mercifully temporarily) in love with another characters. The love might last long enough for a sudden kiss, for one dance, for two drinks, or for the rest of the day. That's up to you. But one little nibble is all it takes.

(Think of the lovebugs like the cursed mistletoe that grows every December and you'll get an idea of how they work♥)

FEBRUARY 12 | The Canals of the City
The sea that surrounds the City has swept inland, transforming the streets of the City into canals. Indeed, the whole of the City today resembles Venice at her most romantic. Gondoliers are singing, roses bloom from balconies, romance is in the air. Take a stroll along the canals, or catch a gondola. Stop at a cafe, or woo your lover as they wait for you at their window. Love, drama, and romance permeate the air.

But there's more! Everyone in the City will also receive an invitation to the Doge's Palace (no, not that doge, the other one) for a masquerade on the evening on February 12th. Come in your finest finery and come masked--after all, anything one does while wearing a mask can be forgiven, as one is not oneself behind a mask♥

The Anonymous Movement announce that they have stabilized routes into and out of the City and that they are going to test the Door. The test takes place late at night on the 13th. On the 13th of February, the Clock will begin to tick very fast. Wait! Someone just ran through the Door to the other side! Who was that? No one seems quite sure, but someone ran through. Everyone else is still pushed back by the Door's own power.

But the other results of this test can be seen from the 14th to the 16th...

FEBRUARY 14 - 16 | The Anonymous Movement Has Broken the 4th Wall
The test of the Door has opened routes into the City. Getting out is still tricky, but there's a torrent of visitors coming in! No one visiting the City this time has been snatched against his or her will: everyone is a welcomed guest.

The City doesn't seem to what to let everyone stay. But if nothing else, this proves that the theories behind the Door seem to be sound...

FEBRUARY 19 - 20 | Somehow, Somewhere, Somewhen, Someday (or: Days of Future Past)
A glimpse of what could have been or perhaps what could be! A future alternate universe!

Today, characters have a chance to live out what their lives might be like someday. If you take that job, if you marry that girl, if you escape the City, if you stay in the City forever, if you confess your love, if you eat that sandwich. Characters can believe that they are in the City or in another world entirely. Whatever happens, it's a glimpse of a future that could be in some place, in some time.

A special note: players are welcome to comment (but not post) with any other NPC character that might be needed for a future AU--for example, if two characters have a child in this potential future, either one or both of their players can play the child as an NPC. NPC accounts are permitted for commenting, but not for posting.

The Anonymous Movement have declared the test of the Door a success. Yes, the Clock is still ticking at an alarmingly fast rate, but that's because of all the changes being made. The Door will be opened on February 22 and the Anonymous Movement hopes that everyone who wants to escape the City will be prepared to go then.

But will it work?

FEBRUARY 22 - 28 | ENDGAME: The Beginning Is the End Is the End Is the Beginning...
The Door seems to work. The Anonymous Movement is confident in their abilities. They truly believe that they can get everyone out of the City who wants to get out.

But can they?

Please see this post for more information!

February 22: The Anonymous Movement has opened the Door! It glows with a supernatural light from within. But anyone who comes near the Door is repulsed or pushed away by an unseen force. What's going on? The Clock is still ticking alarmingly fast. More and worse: the sky is filled with purple stormclouds and the wind is growing stronger, there are tremors felt throughout the City, and...the protective barriers have vanished. The City itself feels fragile, as though it might crumble at any moment. This is not what was expected...


February 23: The Door begins to glow with more intensity. The Carousel and the Clock suddenly both slow, and the Clock now only ticks once per hour!

The Door then opens from the wrong side--or, rather, a red classic convertible bursts through the Door and into the City. And in it are a few familiar faces: the Deities have come back into the City--!

The Deities and the members of the Anonymous Movement meet in Misery Square and a battle for the City begins.


February 24 - 25: A battle of supernatural proportions rages. It is on an apocalyptic scale. The moon is as blood and the sun is black as sackcloth; the water turns to blood, fire rains from the sky, the City trembles with earthquakes. Animals from the forest rampage through the City streets--wolves, wild dogs, wildcats, bears, snakes. Storms pelt the City with rain and wind and hail.

The Anonymous Movement and the Deities battle--both with weapons that may be familiar to people in the City and with their own particular powers. The battle rages for two days. But the City is not destroyed--please do note this. There is some damage, but the City is not destroyed. Though both sides want control of the City, destroying the City will win them nothing.

In the course of the fight, the Anonymous Movement's Door is destroyed in a flash of light and an explosion.

Characters can join either side in the fight, if they want to join a side at all. They can fight for the Anonymous Movement, for the Deities, for neither, for one and then the other, for both, or just to defend themselves.

No matter what, the battle will end in a stalemate in Misery Square by dawn on February 26th.


February 26: At dawn on February 26th, there is an unexpected arrival in the City:

The storms cease, the waters are cleared, the sun rises, and from the heavens descend a host of figures robed in black (but glowing luminously), an entourage of sphinxes, and...

... ... ... Well, you'll have to wait and see who has come back. (We're not spoiling everything!) They will post to the Network on the 26th.

"They who have returned" have returned to the City to restore such order as should be found in the City. And they have knowledge that needs must be shared with all those in the City. Hear them. Above all else, the City must be preserved and they will set to such preservations.

Declarations and resolutions are made:

→ First, "those who have returned" (you'll see who!) will be installed as guardians and caretakers of the City.
→ Second, the Deities will be restored as administrators of the City's well-being to oversee the utilities and basic functions of the City.
→ Third, all those who are not native-born to the City will no longer be kept in the City. Those who are not native-born to the City will not be able to stay in the City.

The host of hooded figures raise their arms and 144 doorways appear in a ring around Misery Square. Glimpses of other times, places, and worlds can be seen through the doors. These are the ways back to all worlds. The views change and shift. The doorways understand the will of those who pass through them and will send them where they please. Anyone can go anywhere. This is one's own choice. If anyone asks how it works, it's just magic + science creating something fantastical.

The Anonymous Movement members (all NPCs) come forward to volunteer to stay and to repair the damage to the City. In truth, most of the members of the Anonymous Movement are the same kind of beings as the Deities. The Deities had governmental power behind their actions and this is the only difference between the two groups. But the City needs people to survive and endure. The Anonymous Movement will see to establishing self-governance in the City for the native-born citizens. (Please remember that there are several thousand and perhaps several hundred thousand NPCs in the City, and many of these NPCs are native-born citizens of the City.)

The old Deity office building, ruined during the first battle between the Deities and the Anonymous Movement when the Deities were sent out of the City, is transformed into a kind of ersatz temple. Ruined concrete and shattered glass take on new shapes, almost like a temple of ancient times on Earth. "Those who have returned" will sit here in judgment and rule and will hear trades and requests of those who will remain in the City. They will be guarded by Sphinxes. They enter their temple and the City begins to mend. Even the Barriers are restored again--to protect the City, not to trap those in it.

The Carousel begins to turn at its normal speed, though the Clock still ticks slowly--perhaps more slowly than ever.


February 27 - 28: All those who are not native-born citizens will be asked to leave before March 1. Anyone who refuses by force will be guided back to the doors by the hooded figures and the sphinxes.

We are going to ask for your cooperation in this part of the plot. Even if you think your character would refuse to leave, we are asking you to find an IC reason for your character to leave. No player characters will be left in the City. That's final. So please find a reason for your character to leave the City. If you can't think of a reason for your character to leave, "those who have returned" or their entourage or the Deities or the Anonymous Movement may offer your character incentives to leave. (We're also not putting too many limits on what or how much characters can take with them. They can't take an entire building, brick by brick, but if you want your character to cart all their furniture and possessions out of the City with them, feel free!)

The choice is up to each person where he or she wishes to go after leaving the City. Remember the Happy Ending Clause that we set up.

One can go home, one can go to another world entirely, one can accompany someone else to his or her world, one can find a world not so unlike the City. Perhaps there are more and other doors elsewhere even after the City. But know that the ways into the City will be shut hereafter. The City will no longer draw in unwilling captives. Those whom it tries to draw in will be turned in their path by the new guardians of the City and sent elsewhere.

But choose a world--perhaps a place to start anew, perhaps a place to live the life that was shown by the City's own curse, perhaps home. The possibilities now are endless.

There will be a log posted on [community profile] tampered on February 27 for everyone who wishes to play out departures and decisions.

As the citizens begin to depart, all the names in the City Cemetery and in the Hall of the Missing burn across the sky in fiery and glittering letters. These are others who have been here and who are gone.

There is a sense of sadness but also of joy among the native-born citizens, the Anonymous Movement, and the Deities. This is their City now, their World, and they will live in the relative peace that it affords. And they wish all those who are leaving it well--and they truly do. There is a sense of a ship leaving port, of a long journey just beginning.

This is the beginning of something new for the City. And for those who live here now, it is home.

After the last person has departed from the City, the Carousel will play a sweet and haunting song, a remembrance of all who had been here.


As of March 1, [community profile] poly_chromatic will be locked to new posts, but backdating in existing posts and logs is more than fine.

MARCH 1 | Thank you, POLYchromatic
After the last person has departed from the City, the Carousel will play a sweet and haunting song, a remembrance of all who had been here.

On March 1, 2014, POLYchromatic will close. Thank you, POLYchromatic♥
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The fact that I have to read this calendar through my tears aside, I have a character-related question. What if someone doesn't want to leave the City? How does that play out?
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I know they'll have to leave, but I figured I'd see if you had anything specific in mind, because I know for certain that Demyx isn't the only one that'd refuse. I was just wondering if you'd thought of dragging them out kicking and screaming or something else. But okay! I'll just pay attention to how it plays out.

...Did you just Closing Time me? You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here