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t a k e n characters; )

Please comment to this entry with the following information, if you'd like to either put your character up on the Taken List, or to edit any contact details you've given us in the past.

If it's unfortunately time to drop a character, please comment below with the following:


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Not sure about some of the ways that poly works? Start here. If you don't see what you're looking for, please go to the Poly Q&A page and ask your questions. We'll answer you there and get this area updated to make sure the next person with the same question can benefit from your experience and find that answer.

✘R U L E S
[✜] Keep your character(s) active. Please see our activity requirements here. Your character will be dropped & put up for someone else to app if we realize that it has been inactive for a month. You may re-app for that character if you wish to do so. There will be no exceptions to this rule unless the player has previously informed the mods that: a. they were on hiatus b. RL problems, c. school-related problems or d. lack of internet connection.

[✜] There is to be no godmodding. This specifically means that you will NOT attempt to control another person's character. Be polite, respect your fellow players & ask for permission from the player him/herself before you do anything. Alternatively, do not presume access to information revealed OOCly.

[✜] Keep OOC problems out of character. An RP is for fun; it isn't a personal battleground for you to have your characters start sniping at each other just because you dislike the player. You'll get booted out with no apologies if we find out that this is being done.

[✜] Contact the mods if things get out of hand in game. We don't bite and we're more than open to helping out if a modly hand is needed. You can formally reach us through the moderator e-mail we all have access to, which is polychromatic.mods [@] More often than not, try AIM / messengers / email.

[✜] [community profile] poly_chromatic is a community-based game. All in-character Network posts are to be posted on [community profile] poly_chromatic. The log community is located at [community profile] tampered. All intro/hiatus posts you wish to share with the group are posted at [community profile] poly_tldr. Mod notices, plot announcements, and moderator-sponsored gamewide posts will be hosted in [community profile] thatrainbowcity. If you're a plurk user, you can also spot mod announcements at [ profile] polymods.

[✜] Please tag all in-character posts on [community profile] poly_chromatic with a tag in the format as follows; "character's canon - character's name". Please use the character's canon as it appears in the Taken List and list the character's name in Western style (given name first, family name last).

[✜] Please keep your characters true to character. Evolution is good, but complete and utter mutilation? Not so much. Staying IC is much appreciated.

[✜] 24 notice should be given for any future major events & plots that will happen within the game. These posts will appear on [community profile] poly_tldr (especially if the post is an organizational post so players can find each other for plotting for an event) or [community profile] thatrainbowcity.

[✜] This RP is het, yuri and yaoi friendly. But it prefers chocolate chip cookies over cake. But it does not discriminate in its sugar tastes, because sugar is love, and such is ninja_mod's addendum.

[✜] You are allowed to apply for 10 characters or fewer. If no inactivity problems present themselves, you are allowed to join the ranks of RP martyrdom and exceed that number.

[✜] Please contact a mod if you are going on hiatus. However, if you must hiatus for more than two months, you cannot keep the character. If the character is available upon your return, you can pick them back up again.

[✜] If you are dropping a character, please comment here so that we can remove the character from the Taken List.

[✜] This community is unrated. If you are under the age of eighteen we prefer not to hear about it, thanks ~ ~ however, un-lj-cut posts will generally cater to a work-friendly environment.

Activity Policy
Current Calendar
City Death
→ Court System - defunct
see here and here for details

The Deities
→ Destinations
How's My Driving
Jobs & Businesses
Post Content
Power Gaming
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For this city to run like clockwork, the unwavering guidance of deities is more than needed. Fortunately, the City employs six such characters. Unfortunately, they can be just as merciless and confusing as the City itself is. The deities reside in the City just like the residents, but for all intents and purposes, they seem to run the show. Nothing in a place like this, however, could ever be that simple.

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Not every business stays in one place, not every businessman needs a storefront. Hence this handy-dandy post for "roaming businesses." The perfect place to list your assassination squad, organized crime ring, streetcorner dealings, or shady crowd of ne'er-do-wells for other players to find. Or you can list your wandering flower salesgirl. Either one is perfectly fine, as long as your business does not have one set location which could be listed as a Destination.

If your business does have a shop, a storefront, or a headquarters, please see [community profile] poly_places and add your business to the growing list. This post is for those organizations which do not have a set location, but which do deserve to be known.

Cast a glance towards the Zoning Laws for some details on player-run businesses in the City if you're interested in getting started. Then just fill out the form below explaining the nature of your business and naming the owner(s), and reply with the information in a comment:

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A good way to receive feedback on your characters, as well as to get in to contact with fellow players in a pinch, is through the use of a crit post. You can put one for all your characters in one location, and then link to it, in a post in your journal or in your profiles, or you can have one for each individual character at in their journals.

If you are not comfortable with the possibility of receiving concrit in this way, you are not required to make one by our current rules, though it is encouraged as a means of communication between our players. Likewise, whether you allow anon commentary or not is up to you.

However, we the moderators cannot police crit posts. Since most are done anonymously, we don't know their identities. If you receive signed abuse, we can address it, but otherwise, it is beyond our control, so we advise in those cases to ignore comments that are not crit, but are simply abuse. You are, though, free to come to us if you have proof of harassment by another player, and we will do all we can to address it.


Dec. 9th, 2007 04:02 pm
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We would like to ask you to please enforce the following courtesy : in each one of your characters' profiles, include the following...

While it's definitely not obligatory to have it in this format (we're only providing this template for those who feel less than inspired when it comes to these things), try to get this information in your profile.

As regards the recently added 4th walling line, please clarify there whether you will allow 4th walling with your character (explained here) and to what degree, if any.

It's very important that both other players and we should have easy and reliable contact information for you. Communication is loooooooove, yes?

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Upon having a character accepted into Poly and into the City itself, we ask that players tone down their characters' powers to logical and fair standards. More than wanting to put your characters at a disadvantage, what we are looking for is fairness all across the board. While your character may be the Big Horned Guy from Legend or their world's version of Sephiroth on steroids, keep in mind that someone else from a completely different canon may have the same power level in their respective home world, and so with this in mind we hope that players will allow their characters to be on slightly similar power levels when it comes to interactions and struggles between characters who do have powers.

Even if your character's ability is more passive than active - such as being able to heal the sick and dying or read another character's mind as opposed to throwing another character across the room or having laser eyes - we hope and ask that you please take this into consideration and still give your characters a slight disadvantage that they may not experience in their own personal canon. For example, even though one character may be able to heal everyone in their respective canon, that may not work so well in a place like the City because characters from different worlds and universes might have different biological makeups or alien anatomy or just because the City itself likes making things as difficult as possible. Even if your character can fly until they run out of sky, remember that there is a barrier around the City or maybe that flying so high might cause dizziness and air sickness in the place they have found themselves trapped. While it would be impossible to dole out specific requirements for each character apped at Poly, we do stress the importance of this and hope that players will limit their characters accordingly.

In keeping with this, we also must stress the importance of the City > your character. Although your character, as previously stated, might be the Big Bad where they come from, might still be strong even with powers toned down, they cannot and will not be able to overcome or beat the City or any of its mechanisms. There are always ways to manipulate or momentarily damage the City environment, and we do encourage players to ask when and if they have ideas, but the City and all the pieces in it will always trump the abilities of individual characters. Unfortunately.

All in all, we absolutely want to reassure players that characters will always be able to retain the abilities that they have, only that they may be not be as strong as they are in canon or may have been altered in some way. And it may seem a bit ridiculous, in a sense. After all, what's the point of having an overwhelming power if you can't use it? But it's also a bit ridiculous to have every single character with that kind of a power running around, killing things, all the time. Any standard declaration of "my canon trumps yours," or "my char > everyone," or "my char has power X and Y and Z and goes undefeated in his/her canon, so that clearly extends here as well"? Is NOT moderator-endorsed, and subject to player discussion and negotiation. We do supervise applications and the game in its overall, but we can't account for every single post, thread and user profile in every single character journal – so if you encounter these sort of statements, know that while they might be backed by player logistics, they are not promoted by your mods and are grounds for mod intervention if players are actually trying to force such statements as reality.
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POLYchromatic does not censor our players. There will be sex, there will be violence, there will be gore. There will be occasional posts that will offend some other players' sensibilities, but which are IC for the characters involved. If it stays within the realm of the fictional and is appropriately cut and disclaimered, the moderators will generally not interfere for simple offense.

Please be mindful of both the pictorial and written content of your posts. You are expected to post all disturbing, or highly rated material under lj-cuts, and to leave a warning for other players outside the cut to allow them to make the educated decision to read or not to read. DO NOT AMBUSH OTHER PLAYERS WITH SMUT, GORE, OR OTHER QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. It's rude at best. A warning will take 30 seconds more of your time. If you forget this courtesy, the mods will remind you.

The code for such cuts, for the unaware:
[cut text="tag name"]content[/cut]*

*remove brackets
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...for all your stoning conveniences.

This information is being put up so you can have the chance to address the moderator who caters to the exact issue you're interested in. While App Duty and Customer Service are shared, the Fluff Puff Muffin Berry Unit stands in the following task formula:

[deity]: laszlo
[time]: EST
[e-mail]: cateyed.crow at
[messenger]: cateyedcrow [AIM]

[deity]: lina
[time]: PST
[e-mail]: pirateslife4meee at
[messenger]: LadyOfTheBlade11 [AIM]

[deity]: fice
[time]: MST
[e-mail]: presidentshinra at
[messenger]: shinra brat [AIM]

We will try to put up notices of when particular mods are hiatused // partly active here. Also, if for whatever reason you don't feel comfortable posting in the PROBLEMS or Q & A thread and would like to contact a specific moderator, you are more than welcome to do so.

If, on the contrary, you'd like to reach all mods, e-mail us at:

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Here’s how the system works:

If you feel that, even taking into account the character development entertained since entering the City, a particular character is played in such an especially inappropriate way, you are invited to submit a complaint by replying with the following:

We highly encourage the use of personal characterization/crit posts and communication with the possibly OOC player before turning to our official complaint process. Contact information is available for all players in the Taken List and on the official roster.

We do not require that a complainant be a part of the same canon crew as the character being complained about. This is a pan-fandom game and extreme OOCness has the potential to affect any and/or all characters in play, not just the characters from the canon in question. We also recognize that players may be very familiar with the source canon, but simply may not be playing characters from that canon. Unlike Bleach, for instance, some canons have limited play opportunities.

After three official complaints have been submitted, we will compile them and send the player of the allegedly OOC character an email with the following information: number of complaints, the nature of complaints, and any suggestions the complainants may have offered.

Per the majority will of the community, the identities of complainants will be kept anonymous at all times, however, if the person receiving the complaint letter wishes to do so, they may respond to the complaints - civilly - and we, the moderators, will convey the response to the complainants.

Once such an e-mail has been issued, we leave improvement to player discretion, and only further consider new complaints after two weeks.

We function on a three-strikes basis for characterization matters. If we end up having to email someone three times about the same character, signaling that absolutely no modification has been made and general RPing with the character is highly inconvenient, we will be forced to directly address the player on the issue and perhaps suspend their control of the problematic character.

The third complaint letter sent will include a request to arrange a time to have an IM conversation with two mods of the player's choice. This will be to discuss the nature of the complaints issued, the player's concerns on the matter, and whether or not the mods will consider suspension or removal of the problematic character.

Feel free to address anything from OOCness and inconsistency, to bothersome plot issues. For complaints against characters played by one of the moderators of this game, go here.

All comments are screened to protect your privacy. No anonymous comments accepted.

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Same system as here.

If you feel that, even taking into account the character development entertained since entering the City, a particular character is played in such an especially inappropriate way, you are invited to submit a complaint by replying with the following:

Since it is expected of moderators to set an example of general responsibility, expect or demand efficiency in our dealing with these complaints.

Furthermore, to avoid doubt of our public acknowledgment of these complaints, comments will not be screened – we ask, however, that they be anonymous.

Please use this thread to address complaints against us in our quality as players, not moderators.


May. 3rd, 2007 04:12 pm
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Here's how this will hopefully play out: if a character is meeting POST requirements [presently, a minimum of one post/ month] but repeatedly failing to deliver tags, and absenting long enough to prevent any sort of plots, you can leave a note here. We expect and would appreciate it if this function were not abused: please try to talk things out with the player in question, and do keep in mind that hiatusing is also inevitable throughout gameplay.

We will undertake investigations based on these notes, and discuss matters with players whose tagging / comment / plotting inactivity is a definite impediment for crew / game development. We will however also be looking out for potential grudges and will definitely ask if you've tried dealing with the issue on your own.

Players who have not officially dropped a character but have actively removed all association with polychromatic [such as removed communities, locked all poly-related entries, etc.] from the character journal they use in the game will be considered to have dropped this character from POLYchromatic. The character will be made appable immediately. Those who have had their character removed for this reason will not have the option to repick; they must re-apply for the character. Depending on the time lapsed since and/or circumstances surrounding the removal, we may or may not allow a re-application at our discretion. -- We are not actively monitoring every player's journal for this offense. We will take action only if a member of the community reports it to us.

Comments are not crew (all players can comment on all players); comments screened; anonymous comments not accepted.

Go HERE for information on Activity Expectations.

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...leave your message after the World Ends. Or the beep.

Please reply with a link to the post where you're demanding a City deity's attentions. Feel free to make whatever OOC addendums, but understand that trades themselves are subject to compromise.
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Please make liberal use of OOC communication with your fellow players. Not just your close friends, but anyone in the game that you have IC contact with. Miscommunication can be most easily avoided by, funnily enough, communication.

Most entries on the Taken List will include instant messenger and email contacts. You can find moderator contact information located here, on the berryfloss journal.

POLYchromatic has a chat room in AIM titled, aptly enough, "polychromatic". It will not receive mod oversight, but we will attempt to have a mod available for questions and just to hang out. We're people too, we just play gods on the internetz.
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Jobs and businesses are not to be considered sources of stress. Instead consider them gameplay opportunities. All characters of working age and ability are expected to have some source of income to cover rent and food, but it does not have to be a legal source, it does not have to be something that is played out regularly, and an employer can be an NPC business.

If you want to open a business, you can drop a quick email or IM to a mod just to make sure there are no complications you're unaware of. You do not have to play out site rental or business licenses.

But please see our section on zoning laws before throwing up a massive structure for your business.

Once you have a business set up, make sure to list it on [ profile] poly_places so everyone can find it and make use of it.
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So are you ever driving on those long and winding roads, minding your own business, only to find yourself stuck behind a semi-truck going 25 mph and swerving like a lunatic? We sincerely hope not, but chances are there’s a bumper sticker somewhere on that guy’s rear end that gives you a number, an incentive, and the age old HOW’S MY DRIVING? question.

While we don't like to think of our version of said concept in quite that drastic of a way, the truth is that this event sometimes does leave people feeling as if they’ve been run over with a truck. The standard operation procedure of How’s My Driving (hereon referred to as HMD for the typist’s sake) is to wait until the moderators throw the post up to the main community and then submit a comment to said post in the following format, just ‘cause it’s easiest:

character | fandom | username

The idea is for other players to be able to tell you, in polite terms, what they may find slightly out of focus in terms of character portrayal or, on a better note, what they really enjoy about how you play your characters! Although constructive criticism can, at times, be difficult to swallow, we of course do not advocate hostile behavior by any means and, in the past, have taken necessary measures to stop trolling or outright bashing of players. After all, helpful comments are one thing, but downright meanness will not and has never been tolerated; however, unless comments are seen as a complete personal attack, remarks made – though sometimes hurtful – in response to the characterization of your character will always be allowed.

In the same vein, don’t feel shy about posting comments regarding the characterization of other characters as well, whether those comments are more of the helpful variety or whether you’re just expressing all that love and adoration that’s been building up for a couple months now.

Always, always, always keep in mind that everyone gets a little toasted by the HMD thread, and it is of course up to your discretion what to take into consideration. This is supposed to be a helpful tool, and we hope that it can be treated as such. Where in the past we have employed the use of anon commenting and turning off IP logging, that is no longer the case, and these days we’re more invested in putting a face to concerns by switching off anonymous comments and turning on IP logging so that the trolling and rude remarks that have been experienced in the past can be more easily watched and reported on.

With this new plan of action, we’re also employing the use of an essay-type response system to go along with HMD from here on out, in order to better explain something that may give other players cause for alarm and that will encourage better communication between players. The idea is to, if you so choose, along with offering constructive crit when commenting to players who offer up their characters, ask a question pertaining to the character if you feel something needs better explanation. For example:

Player A: Why does Character X like toast so much when it’s established in canon that he hates toast?

Player B: Oh, that’s an easy one! You see, it all started with this curse blah blah blah.

Development within a setting can often clear up misconceptions about characters, and we encourage these types of inquiries. The questions, of course, can and probably will range in form from serious to lulzy – which everyone likes – but the idea is that it will give you a better platform with which to explain the decisions you have made regarding your character and his or her present actions, especially if they are confusing to other players.

To sum up, the How’s My Driving thread is meant to be an open form of communication. It’s meant to offer advice, praise, and constructive criticism to players who are putting their feelings on the line and who are opening themselves up to probable stress. We always, always ask that people play nice and abide by the rules. Make it a fun and helpful time for everyone. Also, if you as a player have a personal concrit thread set up for your character, please don’t hesitate to link players to it as an external resource for future reference.

• Post to a HMD post in a logical and readable format
• Await comments and questions from your fellow Polyites
• Some of it may be praise
• Some of it might not be praise but criticism. It’s up to you to take it maturely
• Comment to your fellow Polyites in the same fashion
• Answer questions asked of your characterization to clear up any misconceptions
• Anonymous commenting is not allowed and IP logging is turned on
&bull Use this tool responsibly and not as a way to bash fellow players, as bashing will not be tolerated


Nov. 24th, 2006 11:17 pm
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Filter Tags
A small reminder in hopes of avoiding both player irritation and information godmodding:

To give a practical example: if a character posts a message tagged “filtered against X and his allies”, any ally of X’s that has not (to the char’s IC knowledge) revealed himself as an ally of X can still read that post.

To proceed otherwise is to assume that the character somehow magically knows the intentions and allegiance of every other character in the City.

Similarly, if your character makes a post “filtered to all those who are PRO this issue”, then the only characters who should be able to respond to it are those that your character specifically knows to be pro that particular issue.

This does NOT mean that you are expected to enumerate every character your tag is filtered for/against – you can still use tags that define groups. Just bear in mind that those tags can never be as general as including people whose identity or opinion on the filtered subject your character has never ICly heard of - unless, of course, you want your character running the risk of their being busted by the “bad guys.”


May. 5th, 2006 09:08 pm
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(n.) a state in which a citizen no longer has a heartbeat or normal body temperature but maintains regular brain activity

Who is considered City!Dead?
A character who comes to the game after dying in their own canon is City!Dead. A character who dies in the game (with the exception of curse days) is City!Dead.

How does City!Death work?
Once a character dies, their body remains lifeless for 24 hours. After that 24 hour period, the character is allowed to "come back to life" as City!Dead.

Bodies can be moved within that 24 hour period, but a body can reanimate only after 24 hours. If a body has been completely vaporized, the body will simply come into existence at any location the player chooses, preferably a location important to the character or a location related to where they died.

If a body has been mutilated or dismembered, a player is free to decide what wounds the character keeps as City!Dead and what wounds can be healed or surgically corrected. For example, if a character has their hand severed before death, the player can choose to have the character remain handless or have the hand surgically reattached. It doesn't matter how soon after death the hand is reattached but to keep things realistic a good guide is no more than 72 hours after death. Characters with the ability to regenerate can regenerate the hand at will, anytime they choose.

Scars are optional and left up to player discretion.

What can City!Dead do?
♦ they can eat and breathe out of natural habit, but food and air aren't completely essential to their survival anymore
♦ they can heal physical damage after City!Death within their own canon boundaries [for regular mortals a papercut will heal without issue, but a severed leg will require surgery]
♦ they can keep any powers they had prior to dying
♦ they can donate blood and organs to other City!Dead characters
♦ they cannot donate blood and organs to live characters
♦ they cannot age once they've become City!Dead
♦ they cannot go back to their homeworld once they are City!Dead [this is a game mechanic and has no bearing on players who wish to drop characters]
♦ they can trade to get their life back, trades made by other characters for a dead one are also accepted

What is the Death Exemption for curses?
On some curse days death will be inevitable. The Titanic Curse or SAW Trap Curse are prime examples. On such curse days, characters who die because of the curse will not become City!Dead. They are allowed to return to normal once the curse is over. Characters coming back to life can do so in the same way a City!Dead body reanimates (at the location in which they died or in a location important to them). These characters would come back to life fully healed as well regardless of the severity of the curse.

Some curses that cause changes in a character's behavior, like turning a sweet character into a murderous one, will also lead to death. This does not fall under the death exemption and any character who dies at the hand of the murderous character (or the murderous character itself) will be considered City!Dead. The players involved must follow the City!Dead guidelines.

Many Citywide Events will also have death exemptions. We will do our best to clearly label which curses and events have death exemptions and which don't.

Can a character die through a character drop?
Yes. However, a character who dies then is dropped by a player cannot leave any trace of a body. If the method of death doesn't completely destroy the body then the body itself will simply fade into non-existence within 24 hours.

If characters can't truly die, then why does the City have a graveyard?
While the option for City!Death remains, not all "citizens" come back to life. NPCs are killed regularly and it's believed that they do not come back to life. A character who dies in conjunction with a character drop does not come back to life after 24 hours. This leads to a case of ambiguity that characters can react to ICly. Although we as players understand how death works in the City, our characters do not. This helps to maintain a sense of realism during play without sacrificing gameplay flexibility.


May. 4th, 2006 11:01 am
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Please comment with the information in the form below, if you'd like to hiatus for any period of time!

Month-long hiatuses will excuse you of meeting the activity requirements for that particular month. However, please be aware that you cannot hiatus for multiple months, or for two months in a row, and that you will have to discuss with a moderator if you have failed to meet activity the prior month, and would like to hiatus for this one. Thanks!