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...for all your stoning conveniences.

This information is being put up so you can have the chance to address the moderator who caters to the exact issue you're interested in. While App Duty and Customer Service are shared, the Fluff Puff Muffin Berry Unit stands in the following task formula:

[deity]: laszlo
[time]: EST
[e-mail]: cateyed.crow at
[messenger]: cateyedcrow [AIM]

[deity]: lina
[time]: PST
[e-mail]: pirateslife4meee at
[messenger]: LadyOfTheBlade11 [AIM]

[deity]: fice
[time]: MST
[e-mail]: presidentshinra at
[messenger]: shinra brat [AIM]

We will try to put up notices of when particular mods are hiatused // partly active here. Also, if for whatever reason you don't feel comfortable posting in the PROBLEMS or Q & A thread and would like to contact a specific moderator, you are more than welcome to do so.

If, on the contrary, you'd like to reach all mods, e-mail us at: