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Activity Expectations

Activity check posts will be run on a monthly basis, and players are expected to reply to reply to them with evidence of a character's activity. Please note that mods will not be monitoring your character's activity for you, and you are expected to keep track of the threads, or posts that you plan to use for those purposes. (You are welcome to use the [community profile] poly_chromatic character tags to tag your own posts, or the posts you've replied to, if you find that helpful).

For your character to be considered 'active' during a given month, you must at least have:
  • one generally public in-character post on [community profile] poly_chromatic that was posted during that month. Posts that are ICly completely private, ICly screened to a minority of in-game characters, or action posts in the main game community that are not open to all or a majority of characters will not count towards activity.
  • three threads totaling a minimum of 30 of your character's network or log comments, carried out with 3 other different characters. You are welcome to provide just network comment threads, just log comment threads, or network and log comments.
    Regarding how comments are counted:
  • if a thread is 20 comments long total, and your character posted 10 comments and the other character replied 10 times, then that counts as 10 comments for your character, not 20.
  • icon-spamming or multi-part comments count as 1 comment
  • only comments posted on entries in [community profile] poly_chromatic will count towards activity. You are welcome to have an action post/phone post in your character's journal, but note that any comments there will not count towards activity.
  • the comments must be on a post that was put up, or to a thread that was begun, in the month of the activity check. For example, if you started a thread in March and posted ten comments to it in April, those comments do not count towards the April activity check.

  • The activity check post will go up five days prior to the end of the month.
    You will then have those five days in which to provide your activity in the post. The inactivity list will go up on the first of the following month. For example, in May, the post will go up on May 26 and you will have until June 1 to provide your activity. The inactivity list will go up on June 1.


    If neither of the activity options is met, a character will be considered 'inactive,' and will appear on the monthly Inactivity List.

    If you'll be absent for a while, please declare your hiatus HERE;. Hiatuses do not override the activity requirement of one post per month per character. If you will not be able to meet the activity requirements due to a hiatus or have extenuating hiatus circumstances, please speak with a mod, or e-mail at

    If you cover your activity quota in the last day of the month, unfortunately we'll still have to put your character on the inactivity list.

    The Inactivity List will be posted in [community profile] thatrainbowcity community at the beginning of each month.

    If your character is on the Inactivity List, but you would like to keep them, please leave a comment stating in that month's inactivity post that you'd like to reclaim them. You will be expected to provide double the activity in the following month:
  • 2 'network' posts
  • 1 Network post and 30 comments.

  • If you do not meet the activity requirements for two successive months, your character will be dropped from the game and you must reapply if you wish to continue playing that character.

    You have seven days to reclaim a character, so please think things through. If you know that the player of someone on the list is hiatus, please leave the posting mod a note on the thread.

    Players who have not officially dropped a character but have actively removed all association with POLYchromatic from the character journal they use in the game will be considered to have dropped this character from POLYchromatic. The character will be made appable immediately. Those who have had their character removed for this reason will not have the option to repick; they must re-apply for the character. Depending on the time lapsed since and/or circumstances surrounding the removal, we may or may not allow a re-application at our discretion. -- We are not actively monitoring every player's journal for this offense. We will take action only if a member of the community reports it to us.

    Go HERE for Inactivity Issues.